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Profoto Pro-7b 1200 kit

Pro-B Flash Head

Pro-7B 1200W/s Battery Pack


Charger, Sync Cord

Profoto Pro-7 is the standard of rental studios and the equipment of choice for the most demanding photographers worldwide.
The Pro-7 line is made to deliver thousands of flashes at a blazing recycling rate, without over-heating, shifting color temperature or power output. Achieve action-stopping flash durations with the Pro-7B even at maximum power output. At minimum power, the flash fires @ 1/12,000 second. Recycle time is 2.8 seconds @ full power, and 1.4 seconds @ 600W/s.




4 hours

1 day

1 week




* - prices do not include VAT.

Rental information

  • For every first time rental there is an opportunity to go through training how to use, pack and transport equipment.
  • Minimum rental period is 4 hours.
  • Rental payment must be made as per contract before the rental period or at the time of transfer of the equipment.
  • The commercial lessee shall be fully liable for the good technical condition and complexity of the equipment rented.
  • The commercial lessor shall have the right to refuse to rent the equipment.